Anxiety, Depression, Antidepressants and Hope.

For over 20 years anxiety and depression have been a part of my life but now armed with a well being toolkit I am reducing my medication. Let's get talking about mental wellbeing.

You say you are anxious but what are you actually afraid of?

(N.B suicide is mentioned in this blog) I was asked this question many times over the years and my answer was often the same. I don't know! I could describe how every morning I would wake up feeling sick and scared, dreading the start of the day. Often I would start looking at my clock and see it was 5am and think great I don't have to go anywhere for a while. I would snuggle down only to peep at the clock ten minutes later and typically I wouldn't fall asleep again until moments before my alarm would jolt me awake already fearful and out of breath. Next was getting up and eating......hmmmm what little amount of food could I get by on and yet reassure myself I had eaten enough to get to wor

Does your journal/diary do you good?

Over the last few weeks, as my medication levels have settled, I have yet again been reminded of just how useful a diary can be. I know people journal or write in diaries about how they feel but the kind of diary I am talking about is a Joy /Gratitude Diary. In fact a n even better name would be a ' magic moment diary!' For years I wrote in journals about how I felt and all the misery in my life. It was believed that this was a constructive way of dealing with low mood or depression. I must have been writing for 8 years before I realised that not only was I not feeling any better but I became aware of patterns. I would think I had dealt with a particular problem only for it to arise in a a

Lost puppy

As a young pup, I bounded full of energy along the beach. Life was full of wonder and excitement. I was surrounded by people who loved me, my mother and my litter mates. The sand, so soft, beneath my feet and the sun kissed my body with warmth and comfort. I was caught up in the thrill of it all and ran as fast as I could into the big blue sea. Being so small it wasn't long before I was swimming,loving the coolness of the water and the wonderful feeling of complete freedom. Could life get any better? The next feeling that swept over me wasn't so good. You see I had swum so far and so full of vigour that I hadn't taken any notice of where I was. I was out in the water and the shore was nowh

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