Anxiety, Depression, Antidepressants and Hope.

For over 20 years anxiety and depression have been a part of my life but now armed with a well being toolkit I am reducing my medication. Let's get talking about mental wellbeing.


What do you see here? A basic drawing of a person? A cookie cutter? The outline of a body in a murder mystery?lol For this blog, this image is an outline of a person. This outline is of an individual and is what this person identifies with. Today this is individual is gonna be called 'Bob.' Bob says 'Hi' lol Bob is going to hep me demonstrate something which is in my head and not wanting to come out fluently in word form. I shall endeavour to make sense of it anyway. As I lay in bed a thought struck me about lines; the effect lines can have. For example, if you draw a line down the centre of a page, that one line has now created two sections. If you add another line, you have even more

Armour or less?

From a young age I learned that not everyone is nice. Sad but true. In fact some people love to laugh at you and if they can get others to join in the laughter, they love it all the more. As I grew older I realised people may use you for something; that something being anything from your time, money friendship, love and sex. So it's not surprising that I started to build my own emotional suit of armour. After each perceived injury I would stick on another piece of armour. I believed that if I built a strong skin between me and the rest of the world it would be less likely that I would be wounded. I would be less vulnerable and protected from pain. Something else that grew under the guise of

Awareness or too aware?

Yesterday, as I drove home from seeing a friend, I realised I felt low. To break it down , I was agitated, unsettled and fed up. I could feel my body trembling slightly and pictured a cave adorned with fleecy blankets and pillows that I could go and hibernate in until I felt ready to join the human race again. Unfortunately no such cave exists and more importantly I wanted to find out why I was feeling this way. I had already identified the feelings themselves which is helpful but the reason was to be rather more difficult. There are several things for me to consider when becoming a detective about my moods. One is my age and the possibility of my hormones creating merry hell at this time

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