Anxiety, Depression, Antidepressants and Hope.

For over 20 years anxiety and depression have been a part of my life but now armed with a well being toolkit I am reducing my medication. Let's get talking about mental wellbeing.

Peri what?

In the past, when anxiety was rife, I would be trotting off to my GP/doctor at least once a week. I was forever hoping that there was an underlying physical reason for suffering with anxiety and low mood and that a miracle pill that would rid me of all the horrid symptoms I experienced, hour to hour, day to day and month to month. Thankfully, after several years of niggling infections and stomach issues, I sought the help of a nutritionist who promptly introduced me to probiotics. These little beauties made a huge difference to my overall health. I stopped taking antibiotics and began repairing my gut flora. Because I am a fussy eater a lot of the foods that would naturally help my gut to

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