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Updated: Jun 12

Apologies but my blogging leaves a lot to be desired of late. I am finding it hard to write for any length of time and may even be limited due to advice I was given from a professional blogger. To be honest I think it has stunted my productivity because it's not me just being me. This is why I started to share my story. I was to be myself not someone fashioned into a particular style of blogging because that's how some think it should be done. I am gonna write as myself from now on. If you miss then sub-headings then I apologise.

I still want to share my experiences and begin conversations about mental health and wellbeing so please do get in touch. The passion to share is still there. You can find me on #Facebook and #Tiktok too.

Anyone else get blogger's block?


Just look at the mood there and yet today I am as happy as Larry, whoever he is, and excited to write a blog. I suppose we all have off days especially when our time off is limited and so feel the pressure to write rather than the desire to write.

I have questioned whether or not I am just being a stubborn rebel who doesn't like being told what to do or am I tired and emotional? #perimenopausal Probably a bit of both!

I have created a poll on #Linkedin to see what other people's view are on sub-headings in blogs......I will let you know that grand result in 2 weeks time.

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