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It struck me when I was browsing social media that there are lots of mental health charities and campaigns but where did people go to actually talk?

When I put this to one of the charities they mentioned a website that the charity Mind have created. It's called Elefriends.org.uk. here's a video about it...

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To give you an example this is a post I put up today.... Hi lovelies.....today i am at the next step my reducing my meds. My meds and I have been partners for over 20 years and so I know them very well. For about 18 years I was on Sertraline at varying doses but was then very abruptly changed to Mirtazapine. I started at 15mg but was soon up to the max of 45mg. Suicidal and unable to function meant I needed knocking out at night. Anyway 4 years on and I am down to 30mg 2 nights a week and 15mg 5nights a week. I have done this very very slowly. Not only do I need to adjust emotionally and put my new wellbeing toolkit into practice but I also need to let my body and brain chemicals stabilise. So slowly slowly catchy monkey(or gets claire off her meds). I hope to eventually be totally meds free but if i have to stay on a tiny dose so be it. I am a wee bit apprehensive about this next reduction because I have recently changed jobs but I know I can think my way out of any corners I find myself in. I use daily physical checkins eg am I hydrated? am I eating good food etc. So here goes peeps.....hard to believe that a few years ago I was making plans to end my life ......living proof we can not only recover but thrive. Love to all.x

Do come along an reach out to those who understand and for some sound advice from Mind.x

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